Welcome to our website

I have long desired to share with others, through the medium of a website, all that God has and may in the future share with me. As I have learned much from reading what other Christians throughout history have been taught by Him, I've felt a strong inclination to allow others to learn from what He's taught me, (and now my husband,) as well. This may serve as a shortcut in learning lessons that could otherwise cause you many years of struggling and much pain. It's also a tremendous faith-builder by showing through practical and real-life situations just how God works and how He wants us to work. This can bring much comfort and happiness! In addition to those most important topics, I also wish to share things I've learned in other important aspects of life, and as well things that I, with my own personality, take pleasure in. You might call it a catch-all for what's in my head and heart, with the main emphasis on God and His Son, our Saviour. My husband and I pray that our Father uses this faulty site as a tool in the work He's doing in and through your invaluable life!


We now have paid hosting and so there will be no more ads. We have our own blog as well. Click here to visit the blog.

The search functionality for the website doesn't work right now, but I'll keep you posted as to when that will be back again.


Our page is starting to come together quite nicely. The search engine is fully functional, and when you submit a query it'll take you to a different page with the search results. The search only looks within GiG pages.

We don't have much money to get paid hosting, so for now you'll have to work around the ads at the top if you haven't already done so. I highly recommend Adblock; you can find resources on how to install and set it up by looking it up on a search engine.


As if it weren't obvious, this site is brand new! We're so thrilled and excited to begin this expedition we couldn't wait to get home today and attack it with excited vigour! A full decade I've been wanting and waiting to do this! (Years ago I played with FrontPage a bit but never got very far.) Be still my beating heart. lol